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Why Manage Stress?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 450 million people in the world suffer from stress.

Healthy lifestyle goals, like nutritious meals and physical exercise, help manage stress.

But a majority of people feels they have a hard time accomplishing these goals.

Increased stress levels can cause anxiety and loss of sleep. It can result in unproductivity on the job or at school. It can even contribute to stress-related health issues.

Lactium® is the perfect answer to stress management.

What is Lactium®

It’s a patented casein decapeptide, an all-natural ingredient made from milk proteinsLactium® is clinically shown to regulate stress symptoms and promote relaxation. And its safety profile is GRAS and NDI-approved.

Lactium® is Breakthrough Innovation

Lactium® is a food-grade product and is a breakthrough in the nutrition field.

In 2004, Lactium® received the Bronze Award for the Best Innovation in Health Ingredients. The Health Ingredients Europe (HIE) exhibition awarded this prestigious recognition.

Over a decade ago, Ingredia partnered with a university in France. They discovered a peptide with relaxing properties within a milk protein hydrolysate.

The Secret to Calming Babies

Researchers observed the calm state of a baby after drinking milk. They attempted to identify a relationship between milk consumption and calmness.  Using a well-known digestive enzyme, Ingredia developed a milk casein hydrolysate. This hydrolysate contains a 10-amino-acid peptide with obvious anti-stress properties.

This peptide has been identified by and characterized within the hydrolysate. It has been studied extensively through collaborations with research laboratories.

Lactium Features