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“I am not so stressed and tense since I’ve been taking Lactium, and I have a little more energy.”
Emeline - student, 24 years old
“Lactium made me feel good, especially in the first few days. I felt calmer and more relaxed.”
Michelle - retired, 57 years old
“With Lactium, I felt less anguished, more confident, I went to sleep more easily, and I wasn’t tired in the morning.”
Celine - housewife, 36 years old
“I have to admit that my stress has diminished, and I feel calmer in the morning.”
Sabrina - student, 22 years old
“Despite many personal problems that are affecting me right now, I’m really sleeping better and longer and I fell less tensed physically”
Laure - student, 21 years old
“My level of stress has gone down and I didn’t have any side effects whatsoever.”
Emilie - student, 21 years old
“Real quality sleep. My daily problems don’t seem as important.”
Patricia - employed, 38 years old
“I am calmer and can discuss things without being aggressive.”
Paulette - employed, 51 years old
“I do not wake up in the middle of the night anymore and I see things more positively.”
Marjorie - student, 21 years old
“I am more tolerant, less aggressive toward people.”
Armelle - housewife, 50 years old