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How It Works

Lactium® works with certain GABBA receptors in the central nervous system. Lactium® increases the activity of a neurotransmitter called gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA inhibits action on anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Lactium® is all-natural. It is a casein decapeptide made from milk protein and is hypoallergenic. Clinical studies show it regulates stress symptoms and promotes relaxation. Its safety profile is GRAS and NDI-approved, with no side effects or toxicity.

Lactium Anti-Stress Efficacy on Stressed Women

A double blind, crossover study was conducted on 63 female volunteers – 150 mg/ day.

The group taking Lactium® demonstrated a significantly greater positive evolution of stress symptoms in five different areas, in comparison to the group taking the placebo:

Digestive (+ 29.5%)

Cardiovascular (+ 12.5%)

Intellectual (+ 28.1%)

Emotional (+20.3%)

Social (+14.2%).

Lactium® was particularly efficient for subjects who demonstrated the highest initial intensity of symptoms at a dose of 150 mg/ day. This was true after a 15- and 30-day treatment.

Clinical Studies:

  • 5 studies on 190 healthy volunteers
  • Anti-stress efficacy confirmed at 150 mg/day

Tests and Measures used in the Studies:

  • Psychometric tests: Cattell’s and Spielberger’s anxiety scale
  • Mental provoked stress: Stroop test, attention-concentration test and Pacaud’s mental rapidity test
  • Physical provoked stress: Cold pressor test
  • Hormonal assays: Cortisol and ACTH
  • Cardiovascular parameters: Blood pressure, heart rate
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Clinical Studies