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What is Lactium®

What is Lactium?
Lactium is a milk protein hydrolysate containing a bioactive peptide with anti-stress properties.

Why did you search for an anti-stress constituent in milk?
A combination of practical observations and scientific studies led us in 1988 to initiate research to identify a soothing constituent in milk. In many oral traditions, sucking has the property of calming down the newborn, but the feeling of satiety and the sucking effort are not sufficient to explain this phenomenon. Today, numerous bioactive components of milk and particularly peptides are known to have beneficial physiological properties, e.g., opioid, antihypertensive, immunological.

What scientific processes have been utilized to demonstrate the activity of Lactium?
Animal studies demonstrated the anti-stress efficacy and the absence of side effects. Then, clinical trials in healthy human volunteers were conducted in clinical units. Biological parameters, validated and commonly used by the scientific community, were measured during moderate or acute induced stress after the intake of Lactium or a placebo. These studies have clearly demonstrated the anti-stress activity of Lactium.

What differences are there between being stressed, nervous, anxious, distressed? Is Lactium effective for all these states of mind?
Lactium may be used to help cope with stress from daily life. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life but stress is not a disease. Anxiety or distress should be considered pathologies that require a medical follow up.

Can Lactium replace anxiolytics, sleeping drugs, tranquilizers or antidepressant products?
Lactium cannot replace any medical treatment prescribed to fight anxiety or depressive illness. Medical care is needed in any true case of pathology.

Does Lactium need to be contiuously taken to maintain its effect, or is a two-week intake sufficient?
People can adopt their own way of taking Lactium. It can be taken on an as-needed basis to cope with a specific stressful situation, e.g., an exam or important meeting. In these situations, it should be taken at least one hour before the event, and the effect will begin to decrease about six hours after intake. Lactium may also be taken daily in response to a difficult period.

What is the recommended dosage of Lactium?
As a food supplement, the usual recommendation is 150 mg/day. Lactium is effective about one hour after intake. Nevertheless, a real sensation of well being appears after a few days of treatment. This dosage can be increased if a person is overweight, or experiencing a situation that causes an extraordinary level of stress.

When should Lactium be taken?
The best time to take Lactium is before bedtime. This recommendation is based on the fact that the lack of sleep, often provoked by stress from that day, only increases the stress level. Lactium helps a person relax and get a better night's sleep, so they'll be better able to meet the demands of the day ahead. Thus, it can help break the vicious cycle of poor sleep and stress.

Are there any side effects?
Clinical studies showed no side effects from Lactium. Lactium regulates the perception of stress and helps people to optimize their abilities and be more reactive. Lactium does not prevent a person from evaluating the importance of a situation.

Is Lactium a sleep-inducing product?
Even at high doses, Lactium has no sedative effect. People who take Lactium feel more relaxed and usually fall asleep easier at bedtime and/or sleep better.

Have you studied the allergic and intolerance potential of Lactium?
The major allergenic compounds in milk are proteins. Lactium is a hydrolysate. The hydrolysates are known to be less allergenic than entire proteins. Furthermore, Lactium is lactose free (lactose < 0.5%).


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